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The methodology proposed in this Educational Project is based on the elements of the Educational Model of the CCH: the notion of basic culture, the academic organization by areas, and the student as an actor of its own formation and the teacher as a guide in learning.



Constructivist pedagogical orientation based on situated teaching, problem-based learning, and case method that positions the student as an agent of its own formative and academic process, in the real context in which the student develops and strengthens the approach of learning to learn.



According to the regulations, periodic and final evaluations will be applied. However, the application of these formal instruments will provide only an essentially quantitative and somewhat limited reference, in this way, students will be evaluated continuously through their work, research reports, homework, work and classroom performance, among other factors according to the nature of the study of each subject.



When continuously evaluating students, the Institution will have the opportunity to apply academic leveling actions in a timely and effective manner. Teachers will apply formal evaluation tools and semiformal evaluation techniques in a continuous manner and according to the regulations for the CCH’s of UNAM.


Those students who show some academic need will have the opportunity to request advice to be leveled in those subjects in which they present difficulty. Similarly, teachers will develop Remedial Programs according to the nature of the study of each subject.



The remedial programs will be prepared by the teachers at the beginning of the semester and according to the themes of each subject. This will be a preventive instrument that will strengthen the academic performance of students in case they present an academic backlog.


The remedial programs will specify the teaching and learning strategies as well as the goals that are proposed so that the students overcome the academic lag in a timely manner.


The institution contemplates among its curricular activities those tending to strengthen the institutional philosophy such as:


Bicultural Program.


English Subjects: English literature, American literature, Geography, among others.


Acquisition of a 3rd language (French).


Philosophy: Theory of Learning.


Sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer, and archery.


Arts: visual arts and theater.





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